Ayur Mantra Hair Oil

Take control of your hair health today

  • Follicle stimulating oil made with only organic ingredients Amla, Bhringraj and more. 
  • The vitamins and minerals along with the phytonutrients present in Amla increase the blood circulation in the scalp, which stimulates the hair growth. 
  • Bhringraj is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. It has proven to be an excellent ingredient for hair growth

What our customers are saying

"My scalp was very sensitive and got dry. With Ayur Mantra's hair oil I regained my healthy scalp and after 3 weeks I got rid of my dandruff!"
"I feel so much better about my hair. My hair is much stronger now and I have barely any hairfall!"
Shamila Murari
"Amazing results after only 4 weeks usage, can't wait to see my hair in another few months"
Kelly Shah